Native American and Canadian aboriginal veteran List. (cemetery site)



Durant les deux guerre mondiales, le Royaume Uni etait une base d'entrainement et d'opérations pour les forces alliés. Le Pocklington Burial Ground contient les tombes de 12 soldats de la 2nd guerre mondiale, 11 d'entre eux etant des aviateurs. Il contient aussi 3 tombes de la 1ere guerre mondiale.




During the two world wars, the United Kingdom became an island fortress used for training troops and launching land, sea and air operations around the globe. Pocklington Burial Ground contains the graves of 12 Second World War servicemen, 11 of them airmen, most of whom were stationed at Pocklington R.A.F. Aerodrome or the nearby satelitte station at melbourne. There are also three burials of the First World War.




- Sergent GARRICK Charles Ross (R/190537) - 20 ans - 2eme guerre mondiale - mort a la guerre - tombe : V47-3181